• One Against the Coalition


    The news is covered with shots of Dion’s face with brief interposes of Harper. News anchors talk about how Harper failed to do anything regarding the economic crisis. Also, they highlight the motion to cut off the $1.50 or whatever it is that parties get per vote. Granted, this would cripple the Liberal government, but it would also curb government spending, at least in part.  I will admit that I have not yet read the proposed economic bill due to a hectic week of exams.  However, from what I gather it was traditional conservative spending during a crisis. Namely, money is not spent in large amounts to struggling businesses but given back to the people through cuts in spending. Such a policy is legit, and well within expected parameters for the Harper government.  It is not, as some have erroneously stated, a “do nothing” proposal.  Now onto the topic at hand:

    The government of Canada was voted for and elected scarcely two months ago.  To recall that vote at a time such as this is ludicrous.  The Canadian economy is in the middle of a recession, the United States of America is in the middle of a recession.  Times will be tight ahead and we need a competent government surveying the situation.  Such a government needs to be one who is stable, careful and does not rush about willy-nilly into the first possible solution.  Does that sound like Stephan Dion? One brief example of his unsteady nature is his position of carbon taxes. 1 A second is tax cuts. 

    Furthermore, during a time of economic uncertainty, we do not want to add political unrest to the situation.  Political instability, such as is being shown by the aforementioned coalition, does not aid the country in any way except to stall parliament and perhaps further harm the economy (through wasted time and money).

    In addition, it has come to light that the opposition, together with the NDP has been forming this plan for months before the “infamous” economic update. 3 If their coalition was to stop what they deem a government which has lost confidence of the house. It is interesting to note that during his speech Dion never referred to the Canadian people. He said, and I paraphrase, “The Harper government has lost the confidence of the House.” While, obviously, the house is representative (at least in theory) of the people of Canada, not once did he say that the Harper government has lost the confidence of the common people. The common people, whom Mr. Dion is said to represent, have yet to storm parliament hill crying for an election or for a coalition.

    In addition, neither the NDP nor the Liberals put foreword any propositions to help the economy.  Before the controversial coalition, there was a spirit of cooperation that was talked about in the House of Commons.  Should not the left wing parties have tabled their own ideas before threatening the government?  No doubt one or two would have gained approval and passed. Doubtless, that option is more democratic and viable than a formal coalition and the instability resulting from their actions.

    Finally, the Canadian people did not vote for the coalition. They did not vote for Dion as Prime Minister. They did not vote for Jack Layton as Deputy PM.  And they will not have a choice in who replaces Dion on the date of his resignation as party leader. We live in a democracy. A land where the government is (ideally) by the people, for the people and it needs to stay that way.  For those who site the low voter turnout: those absentees have no one to blame but themselves. If they cannot make the initiative to go out and vote, they have no right to complain.


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  • Sign the Petition Against the Coalition

    As the title says. If you have not yet signed it here is the link.


  • I am now "not perfect"

    Growth hormone treatment can help short children grow to a taller final height, a new study suggests, whether or not they have a hormone deficiency.

    So, does that mean I am defective now? Quite honestly, I find it offensive. While I understand that some individuals who are short (or extremely tall) have joint and bone issues, I feel like the news story says “all short people are defective.” Welcome to Hitler country folks.

  • Harper's Supposed Misdeed

    I feel the need to comment on the plagiarism allegation. I sadly cannot find any article which states exactly what was lifted. I would love to compare the two speeches and see exactly how much was copied. Despite lack of real, deep information I still have a few points to make.

    First, they never state what or how much of the information was plagiarized. Was the whole speech copied with a few differences, or were a couple phrases copied but not marked as quotes. There is a big difference between forgetting to site a source for one quote and copying a whole speech. In addition, the strict, university style definition for plagiarism is strict. Misplaced or left out proper – or even using the wrong type – sources sited can be considered plagiarism. For example, if I quoted “John Doe” as saying “truth is what’s in a man” but didn’t put (as per MLA style) Truth is what’s in a man (Doe 15) it would be plagiarism. Personally, forgetting for one or two quotes is, while technically a fallacy, not a big deal. Quoting the whole speech on the other hand, is. The only direct quote I can find about how much is ‘nearly half’ (Canada.com). That is pretty ambiguous. We are never told any of the details except the basic fact that one of Harper’s speeches was not original.

    It wasn't Mr. Harper's speech. It was a speech of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard that Mr. Howard delivered two days earlier," said Rae. "How can Canadians trust anything that Mr. Harper says now?

    This quote leads me to my second point. The distinction between Harper and his speech writer was not made. When the papers cried Harper Plagiarized they really meant Harper’s Speechwriter Plagiarized. Naturally, the former sounds worse. Some have commented that Harper should have known. Perhaps that is true, but it is unlikely that he could know all the speeches spoken in the last few days beforehand. Not to mention this speech is five years old (I believe). It’s just being dug up by some Left wing candidate now? Do I dare say smear? Dion commented on the dubious ethics of Harper because he did not write his own speeches. I doubt Dion himself writes his speeches. Harper no doubt has his input but the actual document is done by someone else. It makes perfect sense. Some people are writers, some are not. Although Harper may be capable, he is the Prime Minister – a busy man. Delegation of his speeches is probably necessary. I fail to see what is wrong with that. As a writer myself I know that some people (pardon the lack of modesty) just cannot write well. I can. On the other hand, I am utterly horrible at public speaking. I could write speeches but I could never read them convincingly. Dion’s point is moot.

    I could go on but I think I have made my point. The Liberals are grasping at straws and coming up with little. The Conservative’s Canada is looking better than the Liberal’s Canada. Right now they have a much better grip on the goings-on of the country and of what needs to be done. I know where I’m placing my vote on October 14.

  • Teens Killed By Satanists

    While reading news this morning I found This article about three teens who were killed and eaten by Satanists. Sounds horrific right? Perhaps not so much.

    Horrified cops found body parts dumped in a pit beside an upside-down cross, a symbol used in Satanic worship.

    The victims all suffered 666 knife wounds — the number associated with the Beast, or Antichrist, and featured in horror films such as The Omen

    As a comment on the article asked, How can you know that they had 666 knife wounds when they were burned and then eaten? Yes, wounds can show up on bones, but I doubt that the "Satanists" would be able to cut them 666 times deep enough to hit the bone.

    The dad of victim Andrei said: “My son said he had Goths and Satanists among his friends.

    “I wasn’t scared. I thought, ‘Well, let him spend his time sitting around a cemetery — there’s not much harm in that, is there?’"

    Now, I'm not saying there aren't people disturbed enough to do such things but I am reminded of the Witch Hunts, Red Scare and other such panics. Maybe this is because I have studied moral panic recently in class but I see a lot of similiarities. What the article claims is abhorrant and disturbing granted, but it's too much so. There's no ambiguity with their "facts", everything is just too well set up for it to be believable.

    A related article talks about a murder and relates it to witchcraft and Satanism. That murder sounds more credible but the links to the occult are dubious. What do you think?

    second article

  • September 11 2001 - In rememberance



    I was at home getting ready for school. My friend and her little sister were over because their mom was gone that morning. I remember my mom listening to the news intently and then running downstairs. She told me as she ran that a 2nd plane had just hit the Towers. I didn't really know what they were so as we were watching the footage she explained the situation and everything to me. That was what really got me more into politics and current events. I had to leave for school. Their had news running in the library. I was in there when the towers fell down. It was a horrific and stunning sight. I was about 12 at the time. May God Bless America


  • Finally, Someone’s Seen the Light

    MaClean’s columnist Dawn Rae Downton, has hit the mark with her article ‘Light Wars’. She highlights the dubious claims that compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are one hundred percent eco-friendly, and worth phasing out traditional bulbs for. The writer highlights a test done by Margery Conner, from EDN, survived the bulbs and found that those which are not used in an “upright, position, such as in a table lamp” often cook themselves. In addition, CFLs do not work well in cold climates – which is obviously Canada.
    I have not mentioned the mercury issue. Mercury is not a friendly substance… Anyhow, the article is pretty good, especially for MaClean’s. It is in the June 30th Issue.

  • Random bus thoughts

    I have been following politics but have not had time to blog. I thought I should post something so here are my thoughts which I scribbled down on the bus on the way home.

    What I saw on the bus today made me want to cry. Two babies in a stroller, followed by a mother and toddler. The babies were restless? Soon one began to cry.  Just one endless stream or tears and cries. The other child finished the musical. The haggard woman pulled out an empty baby bottle. To my astonishment she poured a can of coke into the bottle -a can of gunk that can corrode your kitchen sink! She tossed the bottle into the stroller, not caring where it landed. The nearest baby grabbed it and began to suck.  T'wasn't natural to see a child greedily guzzle the liquid, like a drunken man with his bottle of booze. The infant chugged until it was gone, pausing ever now and then.  The other just cried on.  The woman made no attempt to do anything about it, just quietly kicked the stroller and said "be quiet".  What will become of these two sugar induced infants? They could not have been more than 6 months, and already addicted to one thing. I cannot help but wonder what that family is like? Is the mother's only attempt to comfort her children an admonition to "be quiet", or was it a rough day? It did not seem like a random event, but like habit.  What is this family's life really like? Will these unhealthy habits grow up with the children? And more curiously, is that deep bruise upon the mother's face of innocent origin or was it purposely placed?

  • Photo Identification... Elections Canada Unveiled

    In upcoming election, veiled voters who present the most basic required voter identification, a piece of government photo ID, will be asked, but not required, to show their face.

    If you did not know it, in Iran there is no faceless voting. So why should there be faceless voting in democratic Canada? Why did Elections Canada believe they had the authority to pass this law, and why do they think the people of Canada want it? If you have looked up the issue on anywhere you will find that the majority of Muslims do not wish for the law. In fact, many oppose it! The recently added law for voting condones visually checking id to make sure the faces match. If a Muslim woman does not wish for her face to be viewed by a man she may ask for another woman to do the check. In my opinion there is no reason to change that. What should be changed, I believe, is the optional visual check. I think it should be mandatory, as tedius as it may make things. Photo ID can help prevent multiple votes by one individual.

    The point is brought up that some people do not have photo ID. A issued voter's card would solve that problem. Then, would those individuals not have a source of photo ID that they may use in other situations?

    The issue is simple on that level. The Muslim women do not want the law; Canadians don't want the law. The underlying problem is Elections Canada. They do not have the authority to make such a ruling. Especially in light of the fact that the government told them to withdraw the statement. Elections Canada does not govern the country; they do not make the rules. A serious examination of EC should be in order, and perhaps, just maybe, a whole new series of employees put in at Elections Canada.




  • September 11... never forget

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