In upcoming election, veiled voters who present the most basic required voter identification, a piece of government photo ID, will be asked, but not required, to show their face.

If you did not know it, in Iran there is no faceless voting. So why should there be faceless voting in democratic Canada? Why did Elections Canada believe they had the authority to pass this law, and why do they think the people of Canada want it? If you have looked up the issue on anywhere you will find that the majority of Muslims do not wish for the law. In fact, many oppose it! The recently added law for voting condones visually checking id to make sure the faces match. If a Muslim woman does not wish for her face to be viewed by a man she may ask for another woman to do the check. In my opinion there is no reason to change that. What should be changed, I believe, is the optional visual check. I think it should be mandatory, as tedius as it may make things. Photo ID can help prevent multiple votes by one individual.

The point is brought up that some people do not have photo ID. A issued voter's card would solve that problem. Then, would those individuals not have a source of photo ID that they may use in other situations?

The issue is simple on that level. The Muslim women do not want the law; Canadians don't want the law. The underlying problem is Elections Canada. They do not have the authority to make such a ruling. Especially in light of the fact that the government told them to withdraw the statement. Elections Canada does not govern the country; they do not make the rules. A serious examination of EC should be in order, and perhaps, just maybe, a whole new series of employees put in at Elections Canada.