I have been following politics but have not had time to blog. I thought I should post something so here are my thoughts which I scribbled down on the bus on the way home.

What I saw on the bus today made me want to cry. Two babies in a stroller, followed by a mother and toddler. The babies were restless? Soon one began to cry.  Just one endless stream or tears and cries. The other child finished the musical. The haggard woman pulled out an empty baby bottle. To my astonishment she poured a can of coke into the bottle -a can of gunk that can corrode your kitchen sink! She tossed the bottle into the stroller, not caring where it landed. The nearest baby grabbed it and began to suck.  T'wasn't natural to see a child greedily guzzle the liquid, like a drunken man with his bottle of booze. The infant chugged until it was gone, pausing ever now and then.  The other just cried on.  The woman made no attempt to do anything about it, just quietly kicked the stroller and said "be quiet".  What will become of these two sugar induced infants? They could not have been more than 6 months, and already addicted to one thing. I cannot help but wonder what that family is like? Is the mother's only attempt to comfort her children an admonition to "be quiet", or was it a rough day? It did not seem like a random event, but like habit.  What is this family's life really like? Will these unhealthy habits grow up with the children? And more curiously, is that deep bruise upon the mother's face of innocent origin or was it purposely placed?